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raw vocals and enthralling tales from the Wild West

The Western Folk sound of Sunfire is a blend of Folk, Americana and Bluegrass, mixed together in a recognisable own sound - unexpected rock, raw edges and irresistible rhythms and melodies. Their lyrics about train robberies, rebellious horses and gunfights take you straight to the Wild West. Sunfire is known for making a spectacle of every show.

Sunfire’s music feels like the Sonoran Desert, pure, hot, wild, and unpredictable. They have become a well-loved and unique live act. The band has performed at many music venues and on many festivals in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. In 2018 the band released their first album ‘Sinners Town’ with which they really made a name in the scene. A Sunfire show guarantees an energetic experience filled with great musical force and even a waltz every now and then.

Grab your hat and lasso and come on a musical journey to the Wild West! Going to a Sunfire gig comes with a warning: their songs get stuck in your head and your feet won’t keep still. Their joy radiates off the stage and you won’t want the music to stop.

In 2017, this gang of outlaws had one of their first performances, at the stage of the Castlefest Winter Edition. In the following years, they’ve been a welcome guest to the Castlefest stage in August as well. One of the most memorable shows would be the one with their special guests. At least we still have the pictures!

Sunfire is honored to celebrate its five-year anniversary at the place where it all began. If you place your ear on the train tracks, you can hear them coming!

The band consists of:

  • Satria Karsono (lead vocals, banjo, guitar)
  • Sophie Zaaijer (violin, vocals)
  • Berend de Vries (guitar, vocals)
  • Jeroen van Leeuwen (drums, vocals)
  • Michel Beeckman (bass, vocals)

5 August 2022
Village stage

7 August 2022
Forest stage


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