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Dianne Arentsen

Dianne Arentsen is busy creating stories on a daily basis and already has several books to her name. In her series Het patroon, you are taken into the unique world of Sondar with different characters, strange creatures and an original magic system.

She has also written the children's book Fort Enigma. This is an interactive story full of adventure, in which you go criss-cross through the book. As a reader, you are assigned a lector, a robot buddy that you can control and that you can use to help the main character win a tournament at Fort Enigma. There are no chapters, just rooms. By solving puzzles and riddles along the way, you can discover where the story continues. Including QR codes for online games and other fun extras.

Dianne will be signing her books on Friday at the Zilverspoor stand.

5 August 2022

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