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Esmeralda van Belle

Esmeralda van Belle (1986) is the author of the Young Adult Fantasy Books Ordo Entia. What started out as a short story grew to a series of eight books and at least one novella. Two of the books in the series, Openbaring and Opstand have already been published, as well as the novella Ode. The third book Ontstaan will be launched during CastleFest 2022. This launch will take place on august 5th, which is the day Esmeralda will be attending the stand of Godijn Publishing.

Ordo Entia tells the story of an ancient organization that’s dedicated to maintaining the balance between the human world and the mythical world. It’s about fragile relations between humans en mythical creatures, but most of all it’s about the turbulent relationships between individuals, mythical or not.

Prophecies, family secrets, love, betrayal and a battle between good and evil. Who is on the side of good and who is evil? The Ordo Entia books take place in the present, but also in the near and distant future. Each book reveals a piece of Ordo Entia history.

Esmeralda uses (characters from) existing myths, legends and folklore and combines them with her own imagination. More and more she tries to use local folklore in het books, hopefully resulting in a new life for the legends told in the Lage Landen. No matter how beautiful the well known myths are, our own little piece on earth is rich in folklore which deserves to be heard again!

Each Ordo Entia book can be read solo. Almost all the books differ in main character, with their own obstacles and destiny. When all books in the series are read, a common thread can be found. Openbaring, Opstand, Ode and the new book Ontstaan can be purchased during CastleFest, at the Godijn Publishing stand. On Friday Esmeralda will be present at the stand to sign her books.

5 August 2022


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