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Fabian Zengler's Hanf Beckerey

The hemp bakery offers something for everyone. Delicious marinated turkey or something vegetarian or vegan in a flatbread or for the sweet tooth plum jam, sugar, cinnamon and hemp seed.

Everything honest and freshly produced and prepared in front of your eyes. Enjoy hemp in a different way.


Here you can find all the items this food stand offers at Castlefest. Additional information on ingredients and common food intolerances has been provided by the caterer.
Please note: The list below may be incomplete or contain errors. When ordering, don't forget to verify the stated information with staff on-site.

In case of allergies, be careful. Cross-contamination cannot completely be ruled out.

  • Hemp bun with turkey
    Allergens: lactose, gluten
  • Hemp bun with turkey and sheep cheese
    Allergens: lactose, gluten
  • Hemp bun vegetarian (lettuce, onions, sauce and hemp seeds)
    Allergens: lactose, gluten
    Vegetarian with sheep cheese
    Allergens: lactose, gluten
  • Sweet bun with plume compote
    Allergens: gluten

2 August 2024

3 August 2024

4 August 2024

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