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The Frying Dutchman

All aboard our savage sailor stand, The Frying Dutchman. Our crew will provide you with the most delicious burgers ashore, a tasty portion of crispy wedges and lots more. So come and voyage to the greatest ship in the port!

Besides The Frying Dutchman, Medieval Catering will bring Sinners & Saints, Sir Scoop-A-Lot and the Breakfast Service.

Photo by Rezien.


Here you can find all the items this food stand offers at Castlefest. Additional information on ingredients and common food intolerances has been provided by the caterer.
Please note: The list below may be incomplete or contain errors. When ordering, don't forget to verify the stated information with staff on-site.

In case of allergies, be careful. Cross-contamination cannot completely be ruled out.

  • Pirate fries (vegan)
    Allergens: gluten-free
  • Chicken drumsticks
  • Allergens: gluten, lactose
  • Captain's Choice Hamburger
    Allergens: gluten, lactose, 
  • Mushrooms (vegan, gluten-free)
    Allergens: -

    2 August 2024

    3 August 2024

    4 August 2024


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