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Medieval Catering

This year, Medieval Catering brings three stands. On Thursday, get yourself a delicious bowl of (mead) ice cream. The other festival days you can enjoy the shenanigans of the captain of the Frying Dutchman and quench your thirst at the Sinners and Saints bar.

Ice Cream

In this ice-cold stall you are warmly welcomed to come and get a delicious bowl of ice cream. On request, we have our unique ice cream for mead- enthusiasts, available in different flavours.

This ice cream is made with real mead, whereby the alcohol is preserved and the authentic taste is guaranteed. However, the underage ice cream lovers do not have to worry for a moment, because in addition to the alcoholic ice cream we also have a varying range of artisanal ice cream in special flavours.

You will also find milkshakes in the same flavors as the ice cream in our stand. Meadmilkshake, Green apple milkshake, let us surprise you!

The Frying Dutchman

All aboard our savage sailor stand, The Frying Dutchman. Our crew will provide you with the most delicious burgers ashore, a tasty portion of crispy wedges and lots more. So come and voyage to the greatest ship in the port!

Sinners & Saints

Do you, as a sinner, come to sizzle from blissful drunkenness? Or do you prefer heavenly delights? We are happy to provide you with a nice cola, a delicious cup of coffee from our espresso machine, a cold beer and sweet mead. If you dare to take the adventure, ask for our special beers and prosession mead on tap.

Our bar staff is ready for you all day long to provide you with a drink! But be careful! The drinks are so delicious, before you know it you'll be selling your soul for one last one…

4 August 2022

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

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