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Like previous years you will find the Innerpeace Tipi as a benchmark, on the Heathen Gang field. Let yourself be pampered and surprised by traveling with the drum. This takes you to the heart of Mother Earth, which allows a deep connection to arise.

Come and make a Wicker butterfly with your own personal message. You can take that butterfly yourself to the Wicker or attach it to the Wicker offering, which we will later include in the procession to the Wicker Ritual.

We once again have a smudge temple where you will be cleansed by a loving priestess or shaman. We do this by burning Sage or other herbs or we use a spray with herbs or esoteric oils.

Saturday: 11:00h opening and 15.00h drum circle

Shaman journey from 11:30h

Activities like the Wicker butterfly & smudge temple & consult the oracle are continuously available, except during the opening of the day and the drum circle.

If you have any questions about Shamanism or witchcraft, coven, don't hesitate to ask: there are plenty of experts who can give advice.

6 August 2021

7 August 2021

8 August 2021

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