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Heathen Gang

Visit the Heathen Gang village and celebrate life

This year, the Heidense Bende can also be found at Castlefest, the spiritual platform where various traditions come together annually to celebrate life.

Every day, we start with a Day Opening, where through a ritual and our theme of Strength and Softening, we wish ourselves and everyone a pleasant beginning. After that, we gather with the drum circle, dancing and singing with passion and connection, led by a different group each day.

We consider our Heathen Gang field as a little village that comes together every day to celebrate life in happiness and connection. The rhythm of the drums feels like the beating of your heart, and the movement and sound flow through your veins. Do you want to experience this as well? Come dance with us! Follow your rhythm in the sound of the drums.

You are welcome to join us and feel free to celebrate life with joy and passion.

Daily activities

11.00 uur Day opening
15.00 uur Drum Circle

Friday evening program

On Friday we offer a wonderful evening program:

19.30h The werewolves game
20.00h Storyjam by Tim Talesman and Abe de Verteller
20.45h Obod Eysteddfod by Stenencrikel

Be welcome on behalf of all Heathen Gang villagers

2 August 2024

3 August 2024

4 August 2024

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