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Path of the Priestess

Unleash your primal power, step into the unknown, discover your true potential and connect with yourself, the other and Mother Earth

Margo Awanata and Emelie Manawa, along with the other priestesses of the goddess temple, will be present at Castlefest as always and will offer a profound, powerful and transformative program. You can come and make free offering bags for the Wicker ritual, consult the oracle, participate in a ritual or worksop. Sit down in the temple fo to relax, heal or for good conversations. We are here especially for you.

On Friday at 14.30 we perform a Sacred Dance specially made for Castlefest: Sacred Dance of the Goddess of Love

Feel your heart. Feel how it generates love every second of the day. Feel how it beats with the rhythm of Mother Earth and every singe creature living on her sacred soil. And infinite rhythm of love that connects us all. Join us in the Drum circle to honer and expand this love that needs to be remembered so we can infuse the world with this healing medicine. And to gift it to our Earth mother in Gratitude for all she gives.

Path of the Priestess is part of the Heathen Gang. Click here if you want to learn more about this heathen 'village' at Castlefest.

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022

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