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Koek & Zopie

Fair coffee with a touch of retro. Let yourself be pampered with unique coffee cocktails. Our mobile espresso bar is the place to be for stronger coffee, but also tea or chocolate milk. And all that 99% organic and vegan-friendly! Our mission is to serve hot drinks with responsible organic and ecological products, don't miss out on taste!

Our drinks are served in compostable cardboard cups, which is much less harmful for the terrain and the environment. We do ask the customers to throw the cups into the dustbins after use.

Find us on the Woodland Village, Castle Domains and Meadow Fields.


Here you can find all the items this food stand offers at Castlefest. Additional information on ingredients and common food intolerances has been provided by the caterer.
Please note: The list below may be incomplete or contain errors. When ordering, don't forget to verify the stated information with staff on-site.

In case of allergies, be careful. Cross-contamination cannot completely be ruled out.

  • Black coffee and tea (vegan, gluten-free)
    Allergens: -
  • Milk coffees (vegan, gluten-free)*
    Allergens: soy, oat, cacao
  • Specials (vegan, gluten-free)*
    Allergens: soy, oat, cacao
  • Extra's*
    Allergens: soy, oat, cacao

* note: We will often use soy milk unless stated otherwise. Let us know when ordering if you prefer other milk.

1 August 2024

2 August 2024

3 August 2024

4 August 2024


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