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Nanda Kooijman-van Eck

Dreaming of solutions. That's how many discoveries once started. Eckoo likes to explore new possibilities in his mind. How can we develop something that does not yet exist? What needs to happen for that to happen?

Nanda Kooijman-van Eck, who writes under the name Eckoo, has always been fascinated by language, fantasy and creative ideas, but never thought she would want to become a writer. Initially, she didn't know what to do with the extraordinary future story that haunted her mind. As time passed, the urge to share it became stronger and stronger. On the advice of a friend, she started putting her thoughts on paper. Slowly but surely, a story unfolded that led to the birth of the BIG5 trilogy, in which five exceptionally talented teenagers must work together to prevent four disasters.

Even while writing the first chapters, Eckoo felt an urgent mission emerging. With the BIG5, she wants to show that every talent matters and that we all have a contribution to make. She is convinced that smarter collaboration can lead to new solutions.

Eckoo does not shy away from big issues such as climate change, equality and meaning, as well as complex relationships and emotions. In the BIG5 trilogy, realistic disasters have to be averted - something scientists have been struggling with for years. This requires a great deal of imagination. She hopes her story will inspire others to look at the uniqueness of each other and the world's challenges in a different way.

Eckoo lives in Oosterhout (Noord-Brabant), on the edge of the forest, with her family and her cheerfully chattering budgie, Blue. She enjoys long walks in the countryside and loves animals, especially horses and birds.

The first volume of the BIG5 trilogy, 'Het Krachtige Kleitablet', was published in the spring of 2022. This was followed by the second book, 'De Scharrelaar', in November 2023. The third book in this exciting series is on its way.

Do you want to meet Eckoo? She will be at Castlefest on Sunday 4 August at the Godijn Publishing stand.

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