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Nytt Land

Travel to the cold landscapes of the Siberia and the Scandinavian fjords with Nytt Land

Shadow spirits dance beneath the moon, it's glowing light flickers through the boughs of deep forests.The breath of spirits whispers through the leaves, tales as ancient as the hills, long forgotten. Nytt Land channels powerful elemental voices from the past with a primitive and ethereal exploration of heritage from the beautifully austere Siberian steppe, inspired heavily by Old Norse Edda.

In January 2020, NYTT LAND will open new chapter – album “CVLT” to take you on a mystic travel – path of Shamans between the cold landscapes of the Siberia, Mongolian steppes, and the Scandinavian fjords.

The main core of the magical sound of the NYTT LAND is Natasha Pakhalenko’s unique natural vocals, in which clean folklore techniques of Siberia and Saami and low Tuva throat singing easily alternate.

1 August 2020
Village stage

2 August 2020
Village stage


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