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Pat Razket

Docking at Castlefest to break records!

The record-breaking Swedish folkrockers in the crew of Pat Razket are on a mission to make the world a little bit better and a lot more enjoyable in times of political mischief, oppression and inequity. This with a combination of tales from the seas, pirate legends and tributes to the pleasures of life together with music emerged from Irish and Nordic folk, sea shanties, Balkan music, and influences from metal and punk rock.

The live shows are more energetic than what is commonly known as necessary and the interaction with the audience is sometimes way over the top. But hey, Pat Razket is not here to shut up. Far from it. They just landed at your home port to make all sorts of turmoil and shenanigans!

Whether you’re young or old, a metal freak or a folk music lover you’ll find yourself dancing, cheering, laughing and crying during the shows. If not, well, bring it up with the promoter and maybe they’ll smack you around a bit…

A decade down the line, Pat Razket has toured frequently over Europe and released three full length albums ­– Legends & Tales (1716), Deeds & Debts (1718) and Hymns from the Abyss (1722). All available on Spotify, YouTube and the rest of the digital platforms of your choice and, of course, in CD-versions as well.

In 1724 Pat Razket will set sail for the Netherlands and the mighty Castlefest. “We love playing Castlefest! The crowd is amazing and the stages are almost big enough for our egos!”

What about that “record-breaking” statement? Well, more or less on purpose, the crew of Pat Razket are the European (and maybe world-) recordholders for: 

  • Fastest throwupswallowing (Sweden, -15) 
  • Least clothing without actually being naked (Finland, -16)
  • Highest base jump by bassist (Germany, -17)
  • Best planned assassination that never occurred (Sweden, -17)
  • Most frogs played in Wacken (Germany, -18) 
  • Fastest stage sprint with a flag (Germany, -22)
  • Broadest drumming by drummer (Germany, -22)
  • Most intense headbanging from a folky band (Netherlands, -23)
  • Closest stage breakage without breaking anything important (Netherlands, -23)
  • Funniest accordionist (everywhere, all the time) name a few.

1 August 2024
Village stage

2 August 2024
Village stage


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