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Ravens Inn

Awesome spiritual activities and games

Werewolves of Asgard
Loki has once again fooled the gods of Asgard and turned the Assen into werewolves. We need your help to expose these werewolves and restore the peace. Every day at 1.30 PM you can join Ravens Inn and play the game werewolves in a unique way.

Inner Power Ritual

Come closer to yourself during the inner power ritual. Let the energy of the Nordic Runes guide you and carve it into a wooden amulet by hand, to guide you in your chosen path. Join Ravens Inn on the Heidense Bende on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at 12.30h PM

Incense Workshop

Be surrounded by the wonderful scents of dried flowers and herbs. Allow yourself a moment of rest and make your own incense together with Raven. With the different flowers and herbs you make an incense with the energy you need. Take a seat at Ravens Inn at 4.15 PM and take time to relax.

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8 August 2021

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