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The Wanderer

Bringing soulful songs to life

The Wanderer is the story of independent singer-songwriters Nikos Frangiskatos and Victor Driest. Since 2014, they have been traveling from intimate living room settings to the most beautiful churches, yoga schools, temples, and packed theaters in the Netherlands. Supported by Martine Nijenhuis on the violin and Ayla Losada on the cello, they bring soulful songs to life. The power of the music lies in its simplicity and the emptiness that emerges between the notes. The sounds and lyrics accompany the listener on an inner journey. A concert with a folky, dreamy, and meditative character, tailor-made for the heart and soul and all about relaxation and unwinding. A moment to find peace amidst all the hustle and leave behind the daily worries.

In 2018, they released their first album "When we meet again," followed by "Live will find a way" in 2021, the live album "The tale, the journey, the road" in 2022, and starting from December 22, 2023, their latest album "The perfect storm" is available for streaming on all platforms.

3 August 2024
Village stage

4 August 2024
Forest stage


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