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La Horde

Folk filled with winks and geeky references

For nearly 15 years now, la Horde has been dusting off folk music to create a totally new repertoire, full of positive energy and scenic power. Addressing and diverting sacred folk themes to make new songs full of winks and geek references, la Horde pours on stage a desire to party with the public, whatever the cost. It is therefore an elaborate repertoire between original compositions and revisited traditional folk tunes that is offered on stage, taking the public on a journey that it is not ready to forget.

The health crisis will have marked la Horde with a red iron since the formula goes from 4 musicians to 6, by adding brass, a rock drummer and a devilish accordionist. The formula is therefore even more punchy, even more festive and even crazier. This new line-up hit the stage for the first time for Saint Patrick's Day and is determined to surprise and thrill old and new la Horde fans.

And who knows what will come out as a surprise on stage during our next concerts?!

5 August 2022
Forest stage

6 August 2022
Village stage


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