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Trobar de Morte

Myths and occultism intertwined with charming melodies and beautiful voices

Trobar de Morte was born in 1999. It's the most ambitious project of the multifaceted Lady Morte, singer and songwriter. Having played at several festivals, concerts and tours - including one big tour with Faun in 2011 - and visiting countries such as Germany, Holland, Portugal, Romania, France or Italy, the band has recently collaborated with the Celtic Orchestra of Barcelona and toured through Europe as co-headliner with The Moon And The NightSpirit to celebrate its 18th anniversary. Two tribal dancers have accompanied them in several concerts throughout the years, adding a strong visual impact to many of the songs.

The band live show includes performances, dances and ritualistic elements which enhance the audience's experience.

4 August 2023
Village stage

5 August 2023
Meadow stage


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