Travel together

Do you have a spare seat in your car? Offer it via the Slinger pop-up on this page and make a Castlefest visitor happy. Looking for a ride? Check if there is a spot available near you. This way, we help each other out and it's better for the environment.

How does it work?

Offering a ride

If you’re driving to the festival and have empty seats, you can offer a ride:

  1. Select "Offer ride" in the widget.
  2. Choose the day you’ll be driving.
  3. Enter your travel details, including departure place and time.
  4. Indicate how many empty seats you have.
  5. Provide your contact details and confirm your ride via the email you receive.

People looking for a ride will select "Ride along" in the widget. They will automatically contact you via email to ask if they can join. Once you confirm this via email, you can arrange a pickup spot and discuss any travel costs, such as fuel or parking fees.

Riding along

If you need a ride to the festival, find available rides in the widget:

  1. Click on "Ride along".
  2. Choose your festival day.
  3. Select a departure place.
  4. Choose your seat(s).
  5. Provide your contact details and leave a message for the driver.
  6. Confirm your ride via the email you receive.

The driver will receive your request and, if accepted, you will receive the driver’s contact details and can get in touch to arrange further details.