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Cathinca van Sprundel

Cathinca van Sprundel (1989) fell in love with writing from the moment she could hold a pencil in her hand. After her studies literature and journalism, she’s always busy with words, books and Celtic music. She’s inspired by Celtic myths, legends and fairytales.

Her debut ‘De vrouwe van Myrdin’ and the novella ‘The hero of Anwyn’ captivated many readers and are translated into English, German, Italian and Chinese. These stories are based on the Mabinogion, a medieval collection of Welsh myths. She brings this tales back to life for a broad audience and creates stories full with adventure. Meet her at the writersmarket, discover the magic and dive into the wonderful Otherworld. She brings her own books in Dutch and English, but also other (English) books from her publisher Dutch Venture Publishing.

The hero of Anwyn

The young prince Pwyll knows he’s in trouble, when he accidently insults Arawn, king of the Otherworld. To save is honour and his neck, he needs to take Arawns shape and journeys to the magical court of Anwyn to defeat the dangerous Hafgan. Pretending to be an ancient, immortal king is no easy task…

Immortal Rhiannon only wants one thing: to escape her fiancé. That’s why she makes an agreement with Pwyll. She helps him, if he takes her with him to the human world. When dark forces gather around Anwyn, they both need to rise above themselves, or lose everything.

The Lady of Myrdin

Seven years ago, Airys lost everything to the Otherworld: her mother, her father, and the principality of Dyfed. For seven years, she served Queen Aranrod, who promised to help her reclaim Dyfed.

Now it is finally time for Airys to fight for her land. However, Queen Aranrod's promised support comes in a different form than expected. Instead of waging war on the Otherworld, the queen banishes Airys to an island she knows only from myths and legends: Myrdin. On this magical island, she must overcome her fears to regain what she has lost.

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