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Geert van der Pol

Geert van der Pol was born on the 18th of July 1962 in the city of Rotterdam. As soon as he could go outside by himself, his parents lost track of him all of the time, finding him back at the end riding some pony.It seemed only natural to exchangethe hustle of the city for a more natural environment. Via Nijmegen, the hills of Limburg and the coast of France, Geert ended up in Breda, where he grew up, wandering through the forests around the city.

Besides his love for silence, horses and nature there was another unremitting need inside of him: expressing whatever he was seeing and experiencing.When he was a child he drew dragons in the sand with a little stick, while his statues of horsemen made from bound branches watched over his shell princess.

His expressive voyage of discovery continued and in 1990 he graduated from the art academy of Arnhem, main directionliberal arts.

Geert is still learning from horses and nature, his life-sized animal sculptures made of natural materials are scattered throughout the country and on a daily basis symbols are still scratched on paper with a little stick…

In 2019 Celtica Publishing published the illustrated fairytale The Flower Curse, a story with a deeper message, which makes it suitable for both adults and children.

The Flower Curse is a remarkable project by Mischa van Broekhoven as writer of the story and artist Geert van der Pol as designer both images and interior of the book.

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