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Johan Klein Haneveld

Johan is a writer with his enbtore heart. At this moment he published more than twenty novels and won several prices with his short story’s. When he was a young boy, he wrote story’s about the biologist Joost Kempers. He fought with terrorists, which used to hide their super weapons on crocodile farms, followed time travellers to a post-apocalyptic time. He was a strong and assertive person.

Johan did al these travels in his mind. He travels to the bottom of the ocean and to distant planets, caves and islands. “I believe that we can pick up more of our own reality in our imagination. Things we can not see wit our eyes. And I’m not only enjoying this in books and films, but I also like to enjoy these things during festivals, convention and by going to the zoo. I also like to take care of my fish, frogs and turtles. I also write essay’s and do book reviews.

Besides al these things Johan loves coffee, like many of his main characters, and works for an animal magazine

Macc published several of his novels.

‘De Krakenvorst, boek 1: Keruga’ (2016), ‘De Krakenvorst, boek 2: Kartaalmon’ (2017), ‘De afvallige ster’ (2018), ‘De gevonden wereld’ (2019) and ‘Scherven vol ogen’ (2021). In 2019 he wrote The quantum detectives with Theo Barkel and in 2021 he was also responsible for the anthology Voorbij de storm, a novel in which more the 20 Dutch and Belgium authors worked together to publish a book about our climate. His dystopian SF novel De groene Toren is also published last year and he is working on several new projects. Among those is one project with, again, Theo Barkel. But his newest novel will be The Castlefest Mystery that will be presented on Castlefest this year.`

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022

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