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Music filled with Northern European sounds and pagan cultures

EMIAN collects and combines together both their own life and musical experiences: the deep connection with the journey that has always characterized the Mediterranean and European people; the freedom to experiment and to get in touch with new kind of musical and cultural languages; the beauty of meeting new people and places; the loss of oneself in the world and nature for whom music often becomes a vehicle of transmission.

Emilio A. Cozen and Anna Cefalo meet each other in 2011, an unexpected love at first sight that unites them, in Love as in Music, until today. In 2013, Emian’s first independent album AcquaTerra came out. This album is fully dedicated to the Celtic music. With the addition of musicians Danilo Lupi and Martino D’Amico, Emian releases the albums Khymeia (2016) and Egeria (2019). After Danilo and Martino leave in November 2019, Emilio and Anna carry on with Emian on its musical path remaining faithful to their first love the PaganFolk, but moving towards electronic Experimentations and more modern sounds. 

In all these years of musical activity in national and international territory, Emian has many live performances on its name, as well as quite some awards: in 2013 the prize as "Miglior Artista Accreditato" of the XXVI edition of Ferrara Buskers Festival and in 2015 they win the first edition of the European Celtic Contest during the Montelago Celtic Festival. In February 2022, during the final stage of Musica Celtica Music Awards contest, they definitely win as they take home the following awards: Best Italian PaganFolk, Best Italian Male Voice, Best Italian Video (Cover of “Penny Dreadful” tv series theme song), Best Italian Single (with Januae) and Best Italian Percussionist.

Emian has performed at many festivals all over Europe: Festival Mediaval (Selb, Germany), Castlefest and Castlefest Winter Edition (Lisse, Netherlands), Celtic Night Geluwe (Geluwe, Belgium), Labadoux (Ingelmunster, Belgium), Celt’n’Folk (Almere, Netherlands) and Midwinter Fair Yule Fest (Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands). And many Italian, celtic and fantasy festivals like Montelago Celtic Festival, Festa dell'Unicorno, Triskell, Druidia, Yggdrasil, Strigarium, Mutina Boica, Fjallstein, Ferrara Buskers Festival and Sentieri mediterranei.

In Madrid they share the stage with the bands Cuélebre and An Dannza, in France with the band Scurra and in Italy they play as opening to Irfan and Ataraxia, important bands of the folk/new wave international music scene.

In May 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Emian takes part in the 6th online episode of our CastleFest Lockdown tv and in August they perform at our virtual edition of the Castlefest Home Edition. Do you remember their amazing clips filled with beautiful music and amazing scenery? 

5 August 2022
Meadow stage

6 August 2022
Meadow stage

7 August 2022
Meadow stage


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