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Original Celtic, Northern European and Mediterranean Folk

United by the interest and passion for the musical sounds of Northern European and Pagan cultures, Emilio and Anna founded EMIAN.

In this project EMIAN is gathering their musical and life experiences: the deep connection with the journey that always characterised the people of the Mediterranean and European areas; the freedom to experiment and to learn about new cultural and musical languages; the beauty enclosed in meeting people coming from other places; the loss of themselves in the world and in nature for which music often and willingly becomes a vehicle of transmission.

From Celtic to North-European cultures, from medieval ballads to shamanic singing: the music of EMIAN leads your mind to spectacular sceneries such as snowy peaks and enchanted woods along the Scandinavian fjords.

On Saturday August 7th you can find EMIAN playing in the Party Tent from 18.15 - 19.15h.

6 August 2021
Village stage

8 August 2021
Village stage

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