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Kelten zonder Grenzen

Lovely Balfolk tunes by Kelten and their friends

Always looking on the bright side of life the Kelten zonder Grenzen spread their irresistible joie de vivre everywhere they go. Their balfolk music has its own identity: created by two harps, a hurdy-gurdy and a violin. Especially for Castlefest, they bring along a bunch of friends on stage: Daan (Cesair) on accordion, Richard on bass guitar and Pim on drums will complete the Kelten zonder Grenzen Big band this year! Dancing or not: you will definitely be moved!

Coca and Lies have been going strong for two decades. Two women who are both very similar and completely different at the same time. Their love for music and a deep-rooted friendship have been the basis for the Kelten zonder Grenzen all this time. Sophie joins them as often as she can. As a fellow musician and longtime friend, she adds her amazing violin to the mix.

“Preparing for this edition of Castlefest we have been looking back at the early years. Did you know that way back,  our first Castlefest, we were there to represent the A.G van Hamel Stichting? Promoting Celtic Studies we thought it would be nice  if we could also bring some form of entertainment to spice things up a little bit, to make all the academic booky talk a little bit more accessible to visitors casually strolling by. This planted the seeds that would lead to us entering a storytelling theater festival with our rendition of Deirdre and the sons of Uisnech. The working title Kelten zonder Grenzen came into life and the rest is history.

After a few years of storytelling it was Vana again that gave us a gentle nudge into another direction. Rob van der Stelt asked us to perform at the first edition of Keltfest, but would it be possible to just play the tunes and leave the storytelling out of it? Well of course we could and so we did! And we haven’t stopped ever since…we can’t wait to meet everybody and add another chapter to our Castlefest adventures!!!”

2 August 2024
Meadow stage


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