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Kim den Tusscher

After twelve books, Kim ten Tusscher is an indispensable member of the Dutch fantasy scene. With the Lilith trilogy - the series in which dragon-changer Lilith tries to escape the horrors of war - she gathered a large fan base. The story also marked the start of an exploration of this world. Hunter & Prey followed and currently Kim is finishing Tales of Doom. Blind, the penultimate volume in this series, was published during the lock-down.

Kim's books are distinguished by the lifelike characters and a battle in which the difference between good and evil is never entirely clear. Hope and the power of friendship are also always present in the stories.

Vonk Magazine about the Tales of Doom: "For me, Blood is the peak of traditional fantasy now being written in Dutch. It's great that so many other subgenres are being explored and so many challenging worlds are being built. But that there is a book with great battles, dragons, political intrigue, and a mysterious history, that just feels nice."

Kim's debut Hydrhaga and all parts of the Lilith trilogy are also available in English.

The end of this magical epic will be released on Castlefest.

Kim will be signing her books on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Zilverspoor stand.

Bound in darkness
Broken in twilight
Born in light

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022


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