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Uitgeverij Macc

Sciencefiction, Fantasy, Horro and many more!

Macc Publication marks itself by publishing High quality Dutch SciFi, Fantasy and Horror. But, thanks to their extended relations abroad, they also publish work from several well known foreign authors from the United States and Germany. Also Perry Rhodan, the biggest SF serie in the world, is part of their fund. They also published the American Bestselling author Jeff Carlson, who died much to young,

Besides SF they are specialized in Horror and well known Dutch names like Tais Teng and Jaap Boekestein found their way to Macc Publications. Tais Teng published over 120 novels at this moment and Jaap wrote more then 500 short story that are published all over the world.

The environment is also very important for Macc, the reason why they published the Environmental anthology Voorbij de Storm last year. Next year the second environmental anthology will be published

Macc Publication will profile themselves with biography’s and translated work, but SF and Fantasy will always be their key product.

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022

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