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Theo Barkel

Theo Barkel was born in 1968 in the city of Rotterdam and stood at the cradle of Macc Publications. He was very young when he already knew he wanted to be a writer. Inspired by series as the British SciFi show Dr. Who en Star Trek he already started at the age of 8 to write his own story’s. But is was because of Arthur C. Clarke and the German SF series Perry Rhodan that it really became serious.

Macc’s first publication was written by Theo, the first part of his Horror series Shadajael. At this moment Shadajael has already three parts and the fourth part is on its way.

Aw chief editor of the Dutch Perry Rhodan SF magazine Terra, in short SF-Terra, he got the chance to interview a lot of famous names in the Scifi world, for example Arthur Clarke. Het also worked as translator for Perry Rhodan and wrote several short Perry Rhodan story’s that are published in several novels. Het also wrote short SF story’s that can be found in the anthology’s Verhalen Vertellers (Story Tellers)

Besides the horror story’s Shadajael he wrote a lot af other novels, from the very moving true story’s Dylan Proosten, don’t forget my name to the humanistic Fantasy story about The Grumpy Sword, which is described as "imaginative and with a lot of humor” and “ I’ve seen the worthy successor of Terry Pratchett, our own Theo Barkel.

His biggest is still Sciencefiction, and with his newest novel Thorsen & Diane, princesses of Caigha, he proved he can stand his ground in this subject too. Or, as Jos Lexmond from the Dutch SF society NCSF wrote: “A must for the Space Opera/rascal lover”.

Modern Myths wrote about this book: “Theo knows how to surprise you with these two rascals. They succeed in making the best out of every situation, no matter how impossible or hopeless everything seems. The result is a very good SF story.”

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