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Kürtőskalács Benelux

The original chimney cake from Hungary/Romania

Team Kürtőskalács are lovingly lighting up the charcoal BBQ again to bake the delicious, artisanal chimney cake for you during Castlefest! Everything is freshly prepared in the stand and it is also fun to see how this twirled bread snack is made.

Are you coming to have a glimps?
You will find us at Meadow Fields and we can be recognized by the Kurtos Castle.

Chimney cake is best eaten together with your friends, because that's how the kürtőskalács is traditionally meant… to share. You simply unwrap a piece of the kürtőskalács, break it off, share and enjoy!

Don't you know the kürtőskalács yet?

We work with a traditional family recipe that Robert received from a Hungarian lady from Transylvania. The special dough is rolled out, wrapped around a wooden cylinder, then coated with sugar and baked over the coals of the BBQ. This sweet bread snack is then topped with a flavor of your choice and is ready to be eaten.

The chimney cakes are available in the sizes small and big, with the following flavour options:

  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Walnut
  • Coconut
  • Cacao
  • Coarse Salt straight from the salt mines of Salina Turda
  • Hannie’s Hakhoning (honey) Lemon

Low in lactose, available in all flavors
Do you have a lactose allergy or intolerance? Ask for the low-lactose kürtőskalács!
We will then make a dough for you with lactose-free milk and clean the workplace extra just before preparation. Please take into account a slightly longer waiting time.
Tip: order your kürtőskalács in advance, so you can pick it up at an agreed time.

In the Kurtos Castle, dreams are baked into reality!

With sweet regards,
Robert & Jannie
and the amazing Kürtőskalács Team


Here you can find all the items this food stand offers at Castlefest. Additional information on ingredients and common food intolerances has been provided by the caterer.
Please note: The list below may be incomplete or contain errors. When ordering, don't forget to verify the stated information with staff on-site.

In case of allergies, be careful. Cross-contamination cannot completely be ruled out.

  • Chimney cake
    Allergens: gluten, egg, milk, yeast, sugar, sunflower oil, may contain traces of walnuts, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, cocoa, salt.
  • Chimney cake, low lactose variant (available on request)
    Allergens: gluten, egg, milk, yeast, sugar, sunflower oil, may contain traces of walnuts, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, cocoa, salt.

* Depending on the chosen sauce

2 August 2024

3 August 2024

4 August 2024


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