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Marleen Dolman

Marleen Dolman has always been interested in science. After studying chemistry, she worked in a lab for 11 years. Her scientific background comes in handy when she builds the worlds where her stories take place.

Marleen has been writing for 20 years. As a teen, she put her emotions to paper and started thinking of stories using characters from tv shows she liked. Later, she moved on to original stories and when her husband introduced her to science fiction, she soon found this genre fit her well. Star Trek and Firefly became favourites and her first novel 'Schijnsoldaat', a story that plays among the stars, contains some hints towards these series.

Marleen prefers fast-paced action stories that are character-driven. Her worlds are inventive, but without an abundance of technobabble. She describes Schijnsoldaat as a 'thriller in a scifi setting'. On Youtube, twitter and Instagram, she can be found under her pseudonym 'Schrijver Omnia'.

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022

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