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Patty van Delft

Patty van Delft is the author of the Dutch Drägan Duma trilogy, of which the first part was awarded with the third place in the Hebban Fantasy Awards.

The books, Rise of the Listener, Trust & Betrayel and The Black Crystal, have been released by Celtica Publishing and tell the story of Jill, a sixteen-year-old girl who, after her turbulent childhood, lands on the parallel planet Drägan Duma where people have bonded with the dragons. A magical and compelling story filled with emotions!

Last year Drägan Duma - An Unbreakable Bond was published, a standalone that takes place 330 years prior to the trilogy and describes the first alliance between human and dragon.

At the end of June 2020 an anthology was issued especially for the die-hard fans titled Drägan Duma – The Lost Stories. This limited issue (300) can only be bought from the author herself and Celtica Publishing. Every book has a unique number and is signed by the author.

In July 2020 Celtica Publishing published the first book in a new trilogy by Patty: Terras Altas, 1 – Pure White. No dragons this time, but steampunk fantasy. The sequel Ink Black was published in March 2022 and many readers are now enjoying the adventure of Lily and River.

Patty's books are suitable for readers from the age of fifteen, but can also appeal to adult fantasy enthusiasts.

Patty also published two English-language poetry collections: My Wings and My Whisperings.

The collections consist of dark poetry about honest and raw emotions which let light and hope shine through sometimes.

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