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Stormy songs with fast-paced melodies and hopeful vocals

Just for a brief moment, just for one evening, Pyrolysis invite you to unleash all chaos buried within and to dance as if your life depends on it. Their stormy songs with fast-paced melodies and hopeful vocals will quite literally raise your spirits. As an unstoppable and fiery force Pyrolysis play on and on, until the entire world becomes blurry and the music takes command. Their self-written songs are solid as rock, energizing, yet still cosy and friendly. And of course there are some ballads amidst the Pyrolysis-storm, but eventually Pyrolysis want you to dance and act crazy.

Almost ten years ago Pyrolysis started their adventure into folk. Originally, Pyrolysis were a punk-band, and although the instruments are now swapped for traditional, acoustic instruments, the rock-and-roll spirit has never faded. Their songs, which are mainly inspired by Celtic-sounds, are performed with an energy and intensity that resembles a full-force rockband. Pyrolysis' latest album “Daylight is Fading” deals primarily with inner storms and struggles, but also on how to overcome those storms. It is especially that victory, that positive feeling, that Pyrolysis want to share with their audience.

One last tip, free for grabs: Pyrolysis is best experienced barefooted, dancing on the grass or in the mud!

6 August 2022
Meadow stage

7 August 2022
Village stage


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