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Stormy songs with fast-paced melodies and hopeful vocals

Pyrolysis is an energetic acoustic folk band. The songs they write take inspiration from traditional Celtic speed-folk, but the full-force DIY punk-vibes shine through from behind their acoustic instruments. Blisteringly fast melodies and strong lyrics are thrown around without a second of room to breathe.

Pyrolysis started in 2011 as a metal band, had brushes with folk-punk, but eventually settled at acoustic folk. The band shows that energy is not just a matter of decibels. The electric guitar has been traded for a bouzouki and the drumset has been traded for a bodhrán, but the music remains just as energetic, and just as danceable.

The band has released six albums since its inception: Remedy for the Night (2013), On Mountains High I stand (2015), Edges of the Day (2017), Daylight is Fading (2019), Alotsle (2020), The Whaler’s Lantern (2022), and A Different Dream (May 2024). The first albums definitely flirted with metal and punk, but Edges of the Day showed that the acoustic instruments would be the way forward. Since then, they’ve proven again and again that acoustic instruments can be used to convey energy and urgency. The transitions from style to style can be followed throughout their discography, and A Different Dream is a crown jewel: the band has figured out the perfect combination between the transparency of their acoustic instruments and the raw energy that they want to convey. They even wink at their past this time around with dashes of distortion on the bouzouki here and there.

The stage is where Pyrolysis truly shines. The musicians truly give it their all and they won’t stop until both band and audience is drenched in sweat. Pyrolysis tours through all of Europe, and has made people across the continent get up and dance: from Germany to France to Italy. Their set is strong and suitable for a moshpit, yet friendly and intimate. Be prepared to sweat and love!

4 August 2024
Village stage


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