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Ritual Duir

A Celtic Knot of symphonies, vocals and melodies

Walking through the paths of the druids, Ritual Duir is born to allow us to bring respectful offerings to the great old oak tree, to which we have dedicated our ancestral rituals through the ages. A bonfire under the night sky, bagpipes, guitars and drums echo through the trees. In the centre is the "Maen Log", and the Celtic goddess Nemetona has already been called upon to protect this nemeton, this sacred place. We welcome our guides, our ancestors and if there is peace in the East, South, West and North, thus leaving the circle open, we can begin.

On stage, Ritual Duir represents a nemeton where rituals, legends, history and druidic knowledge are mixed. They create a tribal atmosphere that vibrates with medieval and powerful percussions, with the melodies of Celtic flutes and classical tones. Their symphonic guitar sounds range from calm and joyful to electric guitars that, like thunder and swords, rise like a warrior. All these sounds are intertwined like a Celtic knot together with powerful voices that have a wide vocal range; dancing from the most tribal energy to the sweetness of an elf, but always led by melodious lyrical voices.

Ritual Duir's songs allow them to escape from the monotony of chains and social patterns. It lets them travel back to the times of their ancestors, where life was conceived as a relationship of love and respect towards Mother Nature. Take a moment to learn from her, the old mother, the great teacher whom humans began to forget with the passing of time.

Their first album called The path of druids was published in 2019 receiving a nomination for the best debut album by the "Celtcast Fantasy Awards" 2020. It’s an album full of rituals, festivities, Celtic gods and kings and a touch of vindication. Their second album “Nemetonia” was published in 2022. This album prepares you for the pagan party. Are you ready to dance at Castlefest 2023?

Love, music and nature.

5 August 2023
Meadow stage


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