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Bold, dark and mysterious

Owning their own genre of Witchrock, Shireen is continuously exploring, developing and embracing new ways to express their musical flavour. Shireen has evolved in the past few years into a bolder, darker, and more fierce band. Adding progressive flavours to their sound, accompanied by complex rhythms, but never forgetting their folk- and acoustic roots. Being able to both capture enigmatic songs, and explode on stage with their newfound energy, Shireen is about to unleash a storm of energy in their newer works.

Fronted by singer Annicke Shireen, who also has released some brilliant singles of her own in the past year, the band has been working hard to reinvent their sound, and build heavily on the complex, pulsing yet smashing beats of their new-found drummer. Their music deals with themes of personal exploration, the strength of our emotions, femininity, divinity, our beauty and our crudeness, and asks what it is that makes us human, and what makes us more than that. Shireen takes you into a world of their own, touching you to your very core with both their energy and music. Inspirations include artists such as Björk, Tool, Tesseract, Leprous, and Kate Bush.

After their first EP (2014), success-single Umai (2016), and full scope album Matriarch (2017), the band is now in a flow of writing and releasing a new wave of energetic songs to once again captivate their worldwide fan base. With millions of views on Youtube, over 40,000 of monthly listeners on Spotify, and having featured on some of the bigger festivals, they are now ready to satiate the hunger of the enormously unfolding live crowd, and are glad to be back at their beloved Castlefest.

Shireen consists of:

  • Annicke Shireen – Vocals
  • Sophie Zaaijer -Viool/Backing vocals
  • Berend de Vries – Gitaar
  • Hein Bles – Basgitaar
  • Guido Bergman – Synths
  • Juriaan van der Graaf – Drums

4 August 2022
Village stage

5 August 2022
Forest stage


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