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Enigmatic Witchrock from the Netherlands

Shireen enriches the musical landscape with their unique “witchrock”- sound. A progressive soundscape built on rich layers of deep, powerfull and energetic compositions, which carry the sound of Annicke's enthralling voice.

Their newest album “Elytra” released in 2024, features three brand-new tracks that showcase a heavier, more intense sound than portrayed in their previous album Matriarch, reflecting the band's continuous exploration and growth while at the same time keeping true to their own unique core.

Elytra pushes the boundaries of their established genre, blending their signature mix of folk, rock, and electronics with a newfound intensity.

The word Elytra, referring to the hardened outer wings of a beetle, symbolizes the protected creative space of the band that allows evolution and facilitates flight in the band's ongoing musical journey, exploring new musical landscapes.

In addition to the new tracks, "Elytra" boasts an exciting array of remixes by renowned artists like "The Sidh" and "Alien Vampires," adding diverse textures and dimensions to the Shireen soundscape.

Inspired by artists lik Björk, Kate Bush, Tesseract and Tool, Shireen invites their listeners to delve into a world where music transcends traditional boundaries, offering a unique, immersive experience, while maintaining the enigmatic charm that has become their hallmark. "Elytra" is a bold statement from a band that refuses to be pigeonholed, constantly challenging themselves and their audience.

Check out their vastly rich youtube channel for their epic music clips, or join the ten's of thousands of monthly listeners on spotify to immerse yourself in their world. With millions of streams they have attracted a world-wide fanbase to their mindblowing music. Come join their fanbase at Castlefest!

2 August 2024
Forest stage


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