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Jump on the wings of the Dragon to visit the dark and exciting world of Irdorath

This project from Belarus creates its own musical world: noble and wild, dark and exciting, filled with Slavic legends, echoes of the Middle Ages and folk music of different nations. Now Irdorath is actively touring through Europe, conquering new territories with their show.

The performance of Irdorath is made up of equally strong music and visual appearance. The sound is based on aggressive medieval bagpipes, a powerful double drum set, the specific voice of a hurdy gurdy, the sound of cello and bouzouki, as well as memorable vocals. From a visual point of view, this is complemented by images of musicians, who already became a brand, and large-scale decorations (like the three-meter dragon wings on the stage). 

Irdorath is an experienced team, capable to rock big festivals maintaining a powerful sound of acoustic instruments. There are so many shades in the music of Irdorath that the band fits perfectly not only in medieval, but also in metal, gothic, fantasy ethno and world music festivals.

For several years, the band developed from playing on Belarusian streets to having a contract with a German label, 3 albums (Ad Astra, Dreamcatcher, Wild), a number of music videos, performances at big festivals, constant touring and finding their own unique style. And this is just the beginning.

Irdorath is gaining strength, focuses on central Europe, planning a big musical project dedicated to Belarusian mythology, and continues on their way: On the wings of the Dragon, forward to the Stars!

5 August 2021
Meadow stage

6 August 2021
Meadow stage


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