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Choose an object and let it change the story

A medieval storyteller was called a sprookspreker in Dutch, a fairytailer. He travelled around towns and villages to tell his stories at fairs for the people and at courts for the nobles. The modern sprookspreker also travels around. With his little story case, he wanders to fantasy festivals and medieval events to tell his stories. For every story, there’s a different object in his story case.

As a storyteller, the sprookspreker is a regular at Castlefest. He often tells his medieval tales of King Arthur or Charlemagne. The story How Roland became a knight, his version of the Chanson de Roland with medieval sound effects, featured the online Castlefest home edition. This was the sprookspreker’s first performance in English.

At Castlefest 2021, the sprookspreker won’t be telling his medieval tales. He won’t even be telling any existing tales at all. Instead, the sprookspreker will be improvising tales. The audience can influence the course of the tale by picking objects from the storycase. And those who want to, can place their own objects into the story case, where it may play a role in the course of the story. Thus the tale is a surprise for everyone, even for the sprookspreker himself.

The tales of the sprookspreker are suitable for all ages and are told in Dutch. A tale takes about 30 minutes.

6 August 2021

8 August 2021


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