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Abe de Verteller

Je hangt ademloos aan zijn lippen!

Abe tells his stories like he was there himself! With is lively mimicry, his talking hands and his sing-song storyvoice he mesmerizes his audience. Young and old are clinging to every word he says and thus they are able to enter a world of fantasy. Do you also want to be enchanted? Then come and listen to his stories!

Abe is a professional storyteller for seventeen years on end. He travels around the country with his enormous repertoire of ancient stories and knows how to make them sound young and crispy again. Many times he was a guest at Castlefest, but he also entertained audiences at many other locations and festivals.

Storytelling runs in my blood! It all started in the ‘90s during the IVN youth camps, sitting around the campfire. Since 2004, I have been a professional storyteller. In 2016, I was chosen as best entertainer of the year during the Fantasy Awards. Over the years, I have told stories in countless places: Castlefest, Elfia, Gebroeders van Limburg festival, Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, and Archeon, as well as many private parties and gatherings. I find my inspiration in nature and symbolism. This is reflected in my writing of articles and books, giving lectures, and leading tree walks. I also offer story consultations. Now I tell stories wherever and whenever I can, because storytelling is my passion. I tell with expression and emotion, with my heart and my hands, and with fire and flame!

5 August 2023

6 August 2023


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