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Come take a look at an encampment of historical craftsmen

Goedvolk is a community of various craftsmen and -women. We provide handmade products, which are often based on historical and / or shamanistic objects.

In our historically inspired encampment you will find processors of leather, bone, antlers, textile and metal. In addition, there is a historic kitchen where food is cooked on wood fire. And you can be painted if you dare! In addition to socializing, there is always something to see and learn at Goedvolk.

Goedvolk at Castlefest 2022 will be:

De Coockerije: Historic kitchen where the tastiest dishes for the camp are prepared on wood fire.

The Creative Dino: Hand-woven bands of wool, mostly authentic dyed with natural pigments.

Erlund: Jewelry and accessories made of copper, bronze, leather, bone and other natural materials. Both replicas and own interpretations.

Runeraaf: Handmade runetsets and shamanistic attributes.

Witsinger Wurk: Leather pouches and clothing based on finds from the Viking age.

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022

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