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Bodypaint Gathering

De world of the Gathering: admiration, wonder and inspiration!

Step into the world of The Gathering and experience the unique atmosphere within our body painting family. This is the place you must have visited (at least) once! The Gathering is a creative meeting place for body painters and models from home and abroad. Every day they work, side by side, in several tents, on colourful creations, which sometimes grow spontaneously or have been prepared for months. For you, as a visitor, an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with all the expressions that this art form entails.

It is fascinating to see how the creations come about. Come and have a look, maybe several times a day so you can see the creation emerge, and… feel welcome!

Every day there is a new day theme that the body painters work with.
On Thursday we start with the theme: Fairy Tales.
Friday will be a little bit smoother with the theme: Creatures of the SEA.
Saturday will be creatively filled in with the theme: Fantasy.
n Sunday the painters will go wild on the theme: Dungeons & Dragons

The Gathering, a unique piece of Castlefest for admiration, wonder and inspiration!

4 August 2022

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022

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