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Steamnation welcomes you!

We’ll transport you and/or your goods (mostly of the legal variety) from A to B, no (or few) questions asked. All-in our top-notch air-ship: the BSS Phoenix. The Steamnation-crew has touched down and set-up camp. Come get an inside view into the daily lives of these Steampunks: you’re more than welcome for a chat, or a photo, with any of the crewmembers in the fully equipped and decorated encampment.

Steamnation portrays Steampunk in their own way. We don’t do time-travel for instance, we just live our daily lives in an alternative present day, split from the regular time-line somewhere in the Victorian era. Let’s call it: Living History but in a Steampunk setting.

Come by our camp and get to know our rag-tag band of steampunk-characters and discover their unique background stories. Raise a glass with Captain Owen Glenwell and Absinthologist James Von Kaufmann, get a steamfie with Chronicler Nathaniel Lee Hetfield or join Lady Elizabeth Brasbridge for a cup of tea. Have a go at Game of Graces with Lady Alexandrina and Professor Amelia Rhineford, be amazed by the experiments of Professor Mina Goldwing, smell (don’t touch!) the excellent meals prepared by our cook Mr. Brown or buy some snake-oil from Mr. McDabble.

But wait … there’s more! We host tea duels, Victorian (parlour) games, demonstrations, spur of the moment thingamabobs, … or you could just come and watch the crew cook, eat , drink, make music and go about their daily routines.
Many of our crew make their own gear: clothing, accessories, apparel, tools and machines, … and love to answer your questions about their creations or activities. Maybe you can even observe them while they are being creative! In the evenings, huddled together at the fire, is where the real fun starts. The stronger spirits appear out of nowhere, even stronger tales come forth. There’s singing and dancing ‘till the early hours of the morning. Steamnation’s Steampunk encampment: entertainment guaranteed!

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022


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