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't Ambachts Ghylde

Welcome to our guild of medieval craftsmen: 't Ambachts Ghylde!

There is always something going on at our site. Whether you prefer to watch and learn how things are made or want to try your own hand at it: we have workshops and demonstrations.

This time our guild will be represented by our usual craftsmen ViaVilt, Wolspinnerij D'n droad Kwait and the Spellenmaker. And as special guests we have Ingwaz and Eigenwijs Wol and Vincent and Wenneke.

At De Spellenmaker you can play all kinds of medieval board games, riddles and puzzles. You can play with (or against) your family, friends or even alone. Or you can challenge De Spellenmaker himself for a duel!

The ladies of ViaVilt can tell you all about felting wool with water and soap. And you can even participate in one of their workshops to try it out yourself. You can decorate a small stone with felt or felt your own bracelet.

At Wolspinnerij D'n droad kwait we have three different workshops. You can learn to make a little pouch with needle binding technique. Decorate a small LED candle with wool. Or learn to make a cord by using the lucet (knitting fork). We also bring our tiny library so you can sit and relax and read all about wool, sheep and spinning yarn.

The ladies of Ingwaz and Eigenwijs Wol can tell you more about the weaving of wool and how to dye wool with the use of plants, flowers, and other organic materials.

You don't like wool? Don't worry, we also have other crafts in our humble settlement!

Ingwaz can teach you all about working with leather to make products like bags, pouches or a nice belt. They also know a bit about wood carving.

And Vincent and Wenneke will keep you entertained with the art of casting tin.

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022

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