Hassle free camping at the best spots

In 2023, the Festitent tents return to the Castlefest campsite. More about our campsite and its rules can be found here

Staying at the Castlefest Camping, but not feeling like carrying a large amount of luggage to the campsite? We think we found the solution: FestiTent rents out ready-to-use camping spots on festivals. Forget about the hassle in the car park, dragging your camping gear to the entrance or the fight with your tricky tent. Just bring your ‘festival essentials’ and enjoy your festival happening from the moment you arrive, Easy and Relaxed! Even if you can only check in later, we’ll make sure you have a great camping spot!

Multiple levels of comfort

Festitent offers multiple options for one to four people per tent. Beside the tent itself, you can also choose to let them bring (part of) your sleeping gear for you. 

Dark Mode

Festitent also offers Dark Mode for tents for one person and the Easy - Relax options. These tents let you sleep while the sun tries to shine your tent away. Just Relax in the dark and enjoy the festival fully recharged.

You book your FestiTent via our Ticket page.
Please mind! Festitents can only be used in combination with a valid camping ticket. Currently our camping tickets are completely sold out. In case you already have a camping ticket, but still want to book a FestiTent, please send us an email.

Do you already have a camping spot, but still need to book your FestiTent? 

Please send us an email with your order number.