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Cardboard Cabin

Warm, danceable Folk

From the remote hut of Cardboard Cabin, warm, danceable folk music resonates. Intimate moments alternate with robust powerfolk. Their repertoire includes original songs: classic ballads as well as experimental music. A sanctuary for anyone seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of this busy world.

Combining diverse musical backgrounds, Cardboard Cabin brings a breath of fresh air to the folk landscape, appealing to a wide audience. Their music is all about dancing, with the band engaging dancers through challenging rhythms and surprising twists in their arrangements.

In 2020, the gentlemen came together to embrace folk as their new challenge. Since then, they have been seen all over Flanders, from Boombal festival to Dranouter, culture club 't Ey to ComSiBal. They've also made an impact in the Netherlands, from Nijmegen to Hoorn. In 2023, they recorded their first album "Schemerdonker" at Studio Trad and are more than ready to expand their repertoire further.

Cardboard Cabin consists of Jeroen Werbrouck (Marasc) on accordion, Flor Delombaerde (Krosmos, Neon Sunset, Walter) on double bass, Tim Orroi (Nitty Gritty, Cirqu’en Flêxe) on drums, and Thomas Clerbout (Deya, Peter en de Vos) on soprano saxophone.

2 August 2024
Meadow stage


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