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Jeroen Vreijling

Jeroen Vreijling writes exciting fantasy books for young people. His books are smoothly written with a humorous twist.

With his debut Dragonweed, he participated in the 2012 Writers' Competition of "Luitingh Fantasy" and "Magic Tales" and reached the shortlist.

In 2017 the book was published by Zilverbron. The second part, Witches Stone, has also appeared in the meantime. This part can also be read separately. Jeroen is currently working on the third and final part.

In Dragonweed man, elf and dwarf fight over the magical dragon's herb, with which the power over the dragons can be won. The girl Amy accidentally encounters a dragon and discovers the secret of the herb. She tries to devise a plan to stop the raging war between the peoples of the world. Meanwhile, dwarf Björn is sent out to find out why a dragon has suddenly appeared in their underground corridors. This brings him into a bigger adventure than he could ever imagine.

Jeroen will be signing his books on Saturday and Sunday at the Zilverspoor stand.

6 August 2022

7 August 2022

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