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Lifestyle Plaza

The Lifestyle Plaza gives you the opportunity to complete your outfit, or just relax for a bit. A moment of peace and quiet during the bustle of a festival. Here you'll find a bit of me-time. Use it well!

Hats 'n Dreads

Looking for a complete hair metamorphosis? Or looking for something that completes your outfit? Visit Hats 'n Dreads for expert advise and a huge choice of wooldreads in all colours and sizes.

Our wooldreads are made of 100% wool, a wonderful material that blends perfectly with your own hair. They will be braided in, so whenever you feel like something else, they are easily removed. A head full or just a few dreads as a nice detail, it defines your style: wild and free, viking, dark romance or happy-go-lucky colourful. 
You can wash them like you wash your own hair, so don't limit yourself: swimming, skydiving and headbanging: everything is better with dreads!

You can also come to us if you're looking for awesome braiding hairdo's (with and without dreads). From viking breads to a romantic updo. And don't forget to check our extensive bead collection for the finishing touch.

Rumah Senang

Massagepraktijk Rumah Senang is an old friend at Castlefest, from the very first time there was a lifestyle square at Castlefest, we were there. You can come to us for massage, Reiki, polarity massage, chair massage, shiatsu, foot treatment, moxa, acupuncture, wrist-tongue diagnosis and much more. Always full of attention, quietness and in contact with you.

You can come to us with complaints, or simply because it is wonderful to enjoy a massage or other treatment. In consultation with you, we look at what feels best for you right at this moment in terms of treatment. We agree in advance how long you want to make time for the treatment. Come and experience the oasis of tranquility that many people find in our massage pagoda. Feel welcome with everything that you bring.

Creatures of Colour

Creatures of Colour is a collaboration between the creative artists Yvonne Zonnenberg (YC-art) and Elke Klaassen-Overdevest ( Houtspelmaatwerk) at Castlefest. They will be supported by several guest artists.

The place were fantastic creations come to life

Professional Face&Bodypaint, Special FX and temporary tattoos for you by 2 awesome artists Yvonne Zonnenberg, Elke Klaassen-Overdevest and their team.

If you miss some fantasy, feeling underdressed or you already have an awesome costume and need some complementary facepaint or materials….. we are here for you

We offer:

  • Face & Bodypainting – small beautiful details, gruesome or even full bodypaints on request
  • Special FX - make-up - wounds- prosthetics
  • Temporary tattoos with special ink or glitter
  • Henna Tattoos
  • Sale of: Prosthetics, Face&Bodypaint, brushes, glue, soap&remover products, lenses & liquid, fake blood, glitters, teeth, lashes, Special FX products, Hairfeathers
  • We accept cash and card.

The Black Mantis

Every year "The Black Mantis" brings high quality tattoos and piercings to the fantasy world of Castlefest. Getting a tattoo or piercing at such a special event as Castlefest is a unique experience.

Our team consists of professionals that are skilled, experienced and friendly! Artists love to help realize your ideas, provide you with unique designs and with all the necessary information. Naturally, we work according to the highest hygiene standards, with GGD approval.


Our piercer, Melissa Hupkes, works with the highest quality jewellery and has great knowledge of piercings. Please see her Instagram profile for work, info and appointments. We recommend booking an appointment ahead to make sure she has a spot for you.


This year our tattoo artists are Regina (Instagram profile) and Chris To (Instagram profile). They have been busy and preparing a special edition tattoo flash for you and only for Castlefest. First come, first served!

We recommend booking an appointment ahead to make sure they have a spot for you. Available spots are limited!

Please, to book an appointment, send us an email with your idea, size and placement to or just drop a message on our instagram @the_black_mantis_tattoo.

Don't forget to follow us for all updates ‼

We can't wait to see you all, Castlefest family
The Black Mantis tattoo&piercing

1 August 2024

2 August 2024

3 August 2024

4 August 2024

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