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SeeD fuses the ancient and modern worlds of fantasy

The Fae and Pagan Folk band SeeD taps into both the magical world of the Ancient Fae as well as the modern world of fantasy, dreams and stories, making these worlds collide and converge. 

SeeD aims to help the people struggling in this world, to tell the listener tales of the vast Fae realms, to make people laugh and dance, and to inspire them to explore things the modern world has lost.

They play original music, which is created from the place that exists in between thoughts. All of their music is written and composed collectively by the band members. Played only on acoustic instruments, the band’s music sounds both familiar and novel.

Originally formed a decade ago as a three-piece band, SeeD has been regulars at Castlefest and have become more widely known on the European Pagan, Medieval, Fantasy and Folk scene, performing in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the UK. They released two full length albums as a four piece band – “Portal to Elfland” and “Through the Veil”. 

Before the lockdown, SeeD had started to record a third album, this time as a five piece band with the arrival of Joe Hennon, who has played at Castlefest many times with Omnia and Shantalla. This recording had to be halted due to the pandemic but the long awaited third album will finally be released on Castlefest 2022.

During 2020 they managed to finish and release two singles, “Het Vergeten Volk” and “Zonnewende”. Both of these songs display a complexity and growth in SeeD’s music which has been very well received.  In fact, Het Vergeten Volk has quickly become a firm favourite among their fans . Many Castlefest goers might have heard it as a soundtrack to the beautiful ‘Pass the Magic’ video created by Vana and Castlefest fans alike.

SeeD consists of: 

  • Lars “Tinkerer of Goblin Caverns & Jack of Trades”: Guitar, Didgeridoo, Davul, Bodhrán & Vocals 
  • Koen “Paladin of Fair Poetry & Woodwind Realms”: Whistles, Fujara, Overtone Flutes & Vocals
  • Robin “Sorcerer of Visual Magic & Conjurer of Epic Merch”: Cajon, Davul & Vocals
  • Sara “Bard of Musical Knowledge & Spreadsheets”: Bouzouki, Guitar & Vocals
  • Joe “Druid of Sick Riffs & Traveller of Borders”: Guitar, Vocals

4 August 2022
Village stage

5 August 2022
Village stage


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