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Atmospheric dark folk, strongly rooted in our pagan past

Creating melancholic and powerful songs full of spirit and depth is the essence of Sowulo. With lyrics in Anglo Saxon language and music created with (early) medieval and contemporary instruments, the creator and listener are challenged to go on an inner journey and to invoke archetypical wisdom within.

Sowulo, Sowilu, Sowilo, or even better Sol or Sigel, is the name of the rune-s and means 'Sun' on a symbolic level. The cyclical nature of the Sun is the very central point of our lives and also of our music. Every musical component of Sowulo forms cycles: from every individual song up to the entire discography. They follow the movement of the Sun and tell the stories of our inner and outer cycles of day and night, the four seasons, life and death.

5 August 2022
Village stage


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