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The Dolmen

Their music grabs you and doesn't let go

The Dolmen are a six-piece British band of highly individual and talented musicians, hailing from the south coast of England. The area is known for its pirate and smuggler past, its stone circles, its prehistoric burial mounds and its Celtic fortresses. This wild history is intertwined with the band's roots and can be heard in their music. Raw ballads but also powerful rock songs ensure that the band appeals to a wide audience. It is said that the Dolmen is something you have to experience, something that grabs you and doesn't let go.

11 years ago they came to mainland Europe for the first time and played in Groningen at the Celtic Midsummer Festival where they were an immediate success. They have since become a household name at alternative festivals in Europe.

With every festival they play, the fan base grows rapidly with each performance. The Dolmen cannot be pigeonholed, the combination of Celtic rock, powerful folk and metal creates a unique Dolmen sound. With the recently released and well-received album Celtic Giants, they are preparing to bring the power of the Celts to Castlefest in 2023.

The Dolmen consists of:

  • Taloch Jameson: Singer, guitarist and founder of the band
    Josh Elliott: lead guitar and vocals
    Connach Jameson: lead guitar and vocals
    Kayleigh Marchant: bass guitar and vocals
    Chris Harris: Drums
    Lena Paak: keyboard

5 August 2023
Village stage


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