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The Sidh

An impressive burst of danceable music

The SIDH are simply a group of four guys who love Electronic Music, Bagpipes, Metal and Video Games. What happens when all these things are put together? BAGSTEP BEGINS!

The band brings on stage an impressive burst of energy with their Electro / Celtic Music, made with Dubstep Rhythms and Bagpipes, EDM rhythms and Whistles.
Formed way back in 2010 they are currently recognized as the main representatives of this new genre.

And now, their unmistakable sound is back on scratching: After 'Follow The Flow', 'Nitro' and 'Another Way To Fly', The SIDH have released 'NIGREDO'. An album which they describe as "a journey into the deepest shadows, in search of the brightest of light."

The modern Celtic music of The SIDH has been described as unique, and rightly so. These four musicians are always looking for new ideas and musical arrangements, without forgetting their roots. The result? A combination of electronic Celtic music, dubstep and EDM rhythms and bagpipes. With their fiery, southern temperament they bring an impressive burst of danceable music to the stage.

Come and dance along at Castlefest 2022!

5 August 2022
Forest stage


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