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Steeped in the rich tapestry of medieval folk music

The talented quartet Valar is partly dedicated to the art of authentic medieval melodies. Their genre pays homage to the resplendent echoes of a bygone era, evoking both the thunder of battle and the jubilant mirth of celebration.

The inception of the ensemble dates back to 2017, when they began as a resolute trio, wielding the soul-stirring harmonies of two Irish bouzoukis (Martin Lofaj and Marián Gonda) and a violin (Natália Garajová). In the relentless pursuit of musical excellence, they welcomed a fourth member in 2018 (Adam Holáš), whose ethereal talents graced the ensemble with the enchanting sounds of flute, whistles, and bagpipes, and in 2022 the whole was completed by resonating and hypnotic vocals, tin whistles and a jawharp (Kristína Brtková). In August 2022, Valar took the medieval music scene by storm with the self-release of their debut album, "To Riches and Glory!" The album swiftly garnered attention from reenactors, fantasy enthusiasts, and mainstream music listeners alike, showcasing the band's ability to bridge historical authenticity with contemporary appeal.

Today, the repertoire showcases a rich array of medieval instruments, including a resonant davul drum, evocative medieval bagpipes, Irish tin whistles, jawharps, the timeless Viking lyre kravik, the masterfully played Irish bouzouki, and the modern elegance of a violin. Not long ago, unfortunately, the violinist Natália decided to end her career in the group.

Valar's commitment to preserving and transcending the medieval musical tradition is a testament to unwavering dedication to the beauties of ancient times, offering a captivating auditory journey that transports audiences to the heart of a forgotten era. Valar invites listeners to revel in the resplendence of medieval melodies, ensuring that the echoes of their music resonate through both history and the present day.

TL;DR – Valar plays medieval folk music and drinks a lot of beer.

4 August 2024
Village stage

3 August 2024
Meadow stage


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