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Immersed in nature, spirituality and the idea of a perpetual celebration of Life!

The Fehu Paganfolk project was born in 2015 near Lake Garda (Northern Italy) from the vision of the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jordi Tambara, who later involved his long time musician friends from the same area. The band consisted of Jordi (vocals and bouzouki), Michela (vocals, bodhran), Davide (guitar) and Mattia (flutes, vocals and didgeridoo).

After performing in various venues in the surrounding areas for about three years, the original band underwent changes in members by adding drums and electric bass to its lineup to favor more contaminated and modern sounds completely distorting the idea of the initial project. In the winter of 2017 they recorded their first album "Speire Milis" in Switzerland. An album full of Pagan and Neo-Folk sounds, and they were pleased to have played it in several Celtic and Viking festivals in Italy (including Feffarkorn 2018 edition).

In the following years, after undergoing other lineup changes, Jordi, wanting to return to the footsteps of the original project, began to compose what would become the new album "La Historia Pesenea," his intent was to tell in music the adventures he and his people experienced in their youth. The album was produced with the collaboration of new bassist David Filippi, who directed the recording sessions. In addition, the new work marked the addition of percussionist Lorenzo Visco to the group.

Their stories tell of not-too-distant times when carefreeness was the main feature of Life and imagination took over reality. Their songs are inspired by medieval and folk melodies mixed with rhythms and structures of modern music, with the intention of telling the story of what their imagination was like when their journey began: Immersed in nature, spirituality and the idea of a perpetual celebration of Life!

Fehu PaganFolk currently consists of:

  • Jordi Tambara: Voice, Irish bouzouki, nyckelharpa, Breton bombard and musette
  • David Filippi: Voice, guitar
  • Marco Di Pietro: Voice and electric and acoustic bass
  • Mattia Casoni: Voice, flutes, mandolin
  • Lorenzo Visco: Percussion

1 August 2024
Village stage

2 August 2024
Village stage


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