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Lysander Mazee

Lysander (1987) studied Theology in Leiden and Classical singing at the Royal Conservatory. However, after some detours in life he’s found his calling as a primary school teacher.

Lysander writes novels and stories wrought with magical realism, historical elements, Scandinavian folklore, queer main characters and psychological depth.

In 2018 his first story, Uit De Diepte (From The Depths) was published by Dutch Venture Publishing. In this story, a Norwegian oil rig mechanic unravels the secrets of his family, aided by a selkie with a birth defect. This story is currently being made into a graphic novel.

In May of 2022 Dutch Venture Publishing released Lysander’s first full length novel, Wolventijd (A Time of Wolves). Legendary Viking warriors kidnap Auke and his rival after an ice hockey competition in Norway and take them a thousand years back in time… but why do the Vikings need Auke, of all people?

Lysander’s most recent work, Wisselkind (Changeling), is a novella. De Boekenvos publishing will release it later this year.

5 August 2022

6 August 2022

7 August 2022


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